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NEW YORK GOOFS September 2005 (

New york goofs Theatre Comedy Clowns

..This two week intense training course focuses on dance, stage and physical movement. Taught by former Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus College Instructor Dick Monday and his staff. Final performance was held for the public in an off Broadway theatre in New York.

..Daily, we experience an 8 hour day starting each class with some sort of an exercise assignment. We are taught from the start that by the end of the course we will leave with fresh ideas and life long friendships. This course is far beyond a typical clown convention. This class is for those serious about the reality of performing on stage. I honestly believe it should last at least two years and not two weaks.

Charm the clown in New York

Charm back stage

Charm invited Silly Billy - David Kaye Magic Clown to New York Goofs show

Charm with David Kaye (Silly Billy) of New York. He entertains at celebrities kids birthday parties.

Charm the clown with Ringling Circus clown Mark Renfro

Charm with instructor Mark Renfro, former Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey circus clown.

Charm clown in New York

Final Show Class Photo

Carmen Tellez balancing a chair in New York classroom

Ryan, Charm clown and Liz in New York

Carmen Tellez in class at New York Goofs Workshop

Charm clown on stage in New York

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