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Carmen Tellez, the Sugar Skulls FACE PAINTER for Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) events provides a clean, professional team of artists whom arrive ready to start on time.

Only the best brands of face painting make-up that's formulated for skin is used at each family party event. All ages enjoy getting their face and body painted. Age appropriate designs require a special skill. We can do it!

Unlimited choice of art designs are available to guests for cheek art, masks, full faces, half face ideas, memorial alters face designs, princess skull faces, dead super heros or even a halloween theme you may prefer. Ask about Nationwide Halloween & Day of the Dead professional team members available in most major cities.

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We enjoy face painting & coloring. You can color Charm's face with your own Sugar Skull ideas.

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Will you draw or color webs, spiders, roses, stitches, jewels, crosses, hearts, swirls? Be creative!



FACE PAINTING PHOTO GALLERY: See our Photo Gallery for more pictures of a variety of faces painted by Carmen Tellez.

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Halloween & Holiday Face Painting

Seems that each year Skulls become more popular even when it's not Halloween. Sugar Skulls for Dia de la Muerta (Day of the dead) are prettier all the time.

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Variety Face Painting Designs

Sugar Skull faces have always been the most asked for face painting design at Day of Dead events usually held late October or early November. There are so many designs to choose from or custom create as a request.

Any range of colors can transform a face to fit any personality. Any and all elemements of the traditional Sugar Skull may include roses, webs, swirls, stitches, crosses, tears, jewels, glitter, eye lashes, fowers, teeth, bones, etch.They get sooooo excited when they are shown a full variety of other species to paint either as a mask, paint on hand, full face or even just a cute or sassy cheek painting.

Airbrush Face Painting

Airbrushing is a fast method of face & body painting. The event celebration and number of children depends on whether the best airbrush choice would be freehand, black ink stencils, multi color stencils or a mixed option.

Designs can be chosen either from a menu board, a size selection or a theme to match the celebration.

Carmen has a pep in her step when applying airbrush tattoos or spraying on a unique image.

Glitter Tattoos

CharmandHappy.com suggests Sugar Skull GLITTER TATTOOS when you prefer smaller hand, arm and body designs. They last all day. They can last for a few days or remove with a special fast remover we tell you about at the event.

Sugar Skull Faces SLIDE SHOW Girls Cat Faces Painted VIDEO Airbrushing with Ginny C. PICS Animal faces SEE PICS
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