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The loss of a Loved is mostly possibly the deepest pain one would ever experience in their entire life, maybe even more so than giving birth to a child. I've personally experienced both. Hold on though, I'm not here to talk about pain or what I went thru during those times. I'm here to instead express what I believe is one way to help share a lost Loved ones memorial with aPhotoButton. It is said that a picture says a thousand words. They don't have to though. Pictures can say only a few words to EXPRESS a thousand words, emotions, memories and ease of grief.

When choosing to share a memorial with aPhotoButton, remember to use a photo that best expresses the personality of your Loved one. (yes, I know the word Love is not proper English writing, but I believe Love is so important that it should be capitalized). This goes to show that no matter who gets aPhotoButton of this person, that they'll feel a sense of connection to the life lived.
For some folks that means a photo with a great big smile, while others with a glowing sense of intrigue, yet others with a scowl beaming thru their eyes. Others a little more on the somber side.

The wording is just as important too. A few phrases most commonly included on aPhotoButton are
1. In Loving Memory
2. Always remembered
3. Never forgotten
4. Always in our hearts
5. Forever in our hearts
6. Til' we meet again (different variation of the Til', Till, Til, Until)
7. Heaven bound
8. Rest in peace
9. R.I.P.
10. Now resting peacefully

Most grieving families choose to include the full name. Often time, friends prefer a nick name or a childhood name. Other choices include wether or not to include their last name or not. Some do, some find it too formal. If this person was not a formal person, then probably better to just leave it out.

No one really knows when ones last day with us is going to be surely predicted. No one really prepares photos with the right background to set up for aPhotoButton later. A photo can be the right photo for aPhotoButton but if the background has photo bombers or unsightliness, then it's better to opt for a background removed and/or changed.
You wouldn't really think that a background matters, but you'd be surprised how it really does. A background on aPhotoButton can be like music at an event. It sets the mood. A few backgrounds most commonly included on aPhotoButton are
1. Blue sky
2. Sunsetting sky
3. Sunrising sky
4. Sun rays with clouds
5. Ocean water
6. Ocean water with sand
7. Ocean water with rocks
8. Rocks only
9. Flowers in background lightly
10. Particular flowers or just a flower like a favorite of your lost Loved one.
11. Music notes in back or around as frame
12. A particular instrument
13. If child, then a toy or a favorite cartoon (the same for a birthday celebration instead)
14. Praying hands (off to side on shoulder or near name)
15. Angel wings (behind photo or near name)
16. Dove (off to side on shoulder or near name)

Dates are almost always included on aPhotoButton memorial gift keepsake.
Some variations depends really as a design choice preference and some a belief.
Some variation are
1. xx/xx - xx/xx
2. xxxx - xxxx
3. xx/xx/xx - xx/xx/xx
4. month/xx/xxxx - month/xx/xxxx
5. Sunrise xxxx - Sunset xxxx (or use date variations already mentioned)
Now, where to the put the dates, that is the question. No need to stress on that. You can put the dates under name, above name, on sides above shoulders, etc.

That's a whole another animal. Actually, it's as easy as pie. You can choose a quantity based on how many guests you plan to arrive from adults only to children and adults or choose family only or family and friends. You may order as many as expected or for just those close to your Loved one. That can mean any quantity from 1 to typically 100.

That depends on the quality of aPhotoButton you prefer. Plastic and metal are most common. The plastic kind usually has either a snap on back or a twist off/on back. Not very reliable for the long run. But great for cheap. Usually those are home made and you just use print and cut to place inside.
The metals one are a little more tricky. Pretty much, you buy a kit but unless you plan on getting in the business, forget, those starter kits are frustrating unless you have lots of time and Love monotony. For aPhotoButton memorials, it's just better to order from a professional company. Less stress, quick delivery and you'll have peace of mind that they'll be high quality. A word of advice, some companies offer non clear protective coating for a lower rate. Don't do it. It's not worth it if you want the buttons to last or to not snap apart even though metal. Plus the picture gets ruined with water, moisture, dirt, other substances depending on how you take care of it. Better to order the High Quality pin back with a protective clear photo film.

WHERE TO GET MEMORIALS with aPhotoButton ?
You can oder online, maybe your local funeral shop, some party supply stores, some florists offer them. Keyword "Memorial photo buttons". Rates vary from local to across the nation. Most, if not all locations offer anywhere shipping. Some offer RUSH orders. Some offer FREE design. They all vary for the details of design choices, expected completion, shipping and payment.
You may choose to do your homework. I often do my homework when ordering almost anything from daily gizmos and gadgets to clothes, dvd's, tools, services and even appliances. Most often I'll choose a trusted referral over other choices depending on what I need. I'll be honest, I provide memorial photo buttons. The information here was to help those who are at a loss for for words during this difficult time. You may order direct from me too if you so choose to. Otherwise, I only hope this information helps you make the best choice to celebrate the life of your lost Loved one with aPhotoButton. I purposely chose not use any photos in this blog so that you can look around and make the choice that fits your needs.

written by:
Carmen Tellez
562-237-3327 SoCal

A little about me. I started aPhotoButton.com as a teen with a background in the full background of studying graphics and printing in high school to working for a print shop tip 1998. Around the same time I started a family entertainment company CharmandHappy. My buttons were originally aimed toward Birthday Announcements and Celebrations. But pretty much from the start 99.9% of my orders both local and nationwide were requests for memorials. It broke my heart seeing each face on each button knowing someone Loved is no longer here. I'd cry when I had orders for babies, children and young lives. I felt as though each one were looking right at me. I felt as though they'd tell me "Make me look good". I know part of that was I wanted to make the best order I can anyway. But even now over 20 years later, I still see each set of eyes telling me "Someone Love me, make my memorial good". And I try my best confident, each does. I still also operate CharmandHappy and aPhotoButton.

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