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Maltese and Shih-Tzu\'s PUPPIES

sometimes with a Dachshund and/or a Jack Russel when available only.

Puppies are perfect for your child’s next birthday party. We bring out 10 adorable dogs for everyone to enjoy. We provide food and toys for you to feed the dogs and play with them. The puppies can be set up indoors or outside, but please make sure there is shade. Our puppies love to play with kids as much as the kids love to play with them. And when they get tired, be prepared for a little pup to curl up in your lap and take a nap.

... and don\'t forget the best reason of all to have puppies come out to you is "just because!"

Puppies bring out the inner child of us all. They just crave love and attention. They have the most photogenic faces. Their tails wag for joy. Who can resist them.

PUPPIES boost office moral and fun for kids to pet.

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Greater Los Angeles area BIRTHDAY RATES

Please call for company events, filmed events, commercials and the like rates.


Residential RATES*

Includes (one) 1 Attendant

1 hour

add 30min.



10 puppies full breed (maybe a couple not 100%) with attendant. A pen area is set-up before starting time. A couple small adult, the rest tiny pups.

* Travel charges may apply for West L.A., the Valley, O.C. and surrounding.

We have been bringing our animals to schools all over the LA and Orange county area for over 20 years. We are very well- versed in handling large numbers of children. 

FOR THE PUPPIES:  we have the children take turns inside the pen, doing multiple groups of kids for a certain period of time, within the length of time we have been scheduled for. 
FOR THE REPTILES:  we recommend that you break up your total time into smaller shows so that the kids can have a more hands-on experience.
* Fully Licensed and Insured *

Puppies aren’t just for kids!

Puppies are welcome at all sorts of events:


Our local breeder enjoys visiting birthdays, libraries, daycare centers in Southern California


Book Now preview  Check PUPPIES Availability!


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