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CharmandHappy Jingle
original lyrics by Fletcher Rhoden

CharmandHappy, CharmandHappy, CharmandHappy

Well I'm havin' a party and I want the best
so I call CharmandHappy, never mind the rest
come on, make it snappy, call

Stilt walkers and jugglers, princesses too
magicians and ponies and a petting zoo
jumper bouncer, trains and rides -- and a lot more it's true!

They've got the world's best party clowns
The best balloon designs in town
face painting, decorations too
CharmandHappy will take care of you
so come on, make it snappy, call!

CharmandHappy CharmandHappy CharmandHappy
On the web at c-h-a-r-m-a-n-d-h-a-p-p-y-dot-com!

They've got the characters that we all know
and the world's greatest puppet show
I know that everything'll turn out right, just call

call area code 8-7-7, then 7-2-5, 6-9-6-7
so come on, make it snappy call

happy birthday to ....

So call or visit


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